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First story for [community profile] origfic_bingo, for the prompt "singing".

Title: A Heart's Song
Universe: The Wind & the Foxes
Characters, pairings: Reian/Pasha, Nelius
Rating: G
Word count: 1646
Summary: Reian hears a strange noise in the night.
Notes: Set after the novel, but not very long after, when Tribe Telan still only consists of Reian, Pasha, Imbri, and Nelius.

Reian started awake. )
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I decided to officially make [personal profile] breakfastofchampions my DW writing journal, and I signed up for [community profile] origfic_bingo!

Here is my bingo card type thing.

Under a cut so as not to be annoying. )
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Writing requests from over on [ profile] foxysquid! These are just the stories about my own characters.

Title: Shiny Black Hair
Universe: Wind & Foxes
Character(s): Reian, Imbri
Requested by: [ profile] luckykitty

Shiny Black Hair. )

Title: Silence Falls
Universe: Wind & Foxes
Character(s): Kivran, Reian
Requested by: [ profile] armistice_day

Silence Falls. )

Title: Feels Like Sand
Universe: Wind & Foxes
Character(s): Kai, Neri
Requested by: [ profile] hello_scorpling

Feels Like Sand. )

Title: Wink
Universe: Greatheart
Character(s): Damien, Bertrand
Requested by: [ profile] kittyjimjams

Wink. )

Title: Hugs
Universe: Greatheart
Character(s): Damien, Alex
Requested by: [ profile] redvelvetaddict

Hugs. )

Title: Fraternization
Universe: Greatheart
Character(s): Aloysius, Bertrand
Requested by: [ profile] ambrmerlinus

Fraternization )
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I just wanted to write a bit about heraldry in Greatheart, because I realized it's rather important to Eastland, culturally speaking! Though it is based on the heraldry of the Middle Ages in Europe, there are differences.

As usual, details subject to change if I think of better ideas to replace them with.

Show your colors! )
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Written for [ profile] redvelvetaddict, who wanted a story about Roland and Selwyn. If anyone has any requests for stories about a particular character, or two (or more) particular characters interacting, please let me know, because it's fun to get requests.

Though I think I'll get back to working on a new chapter next!

Title: Nightmare Wings
Universe: Greatheart
Word count: 3100
Prompt: "a pleasant air, but a barren soil"
Character(s): Selwyn Benison, Roland Morningstar, Fiorel Winsome, Lawrence Timely, Acacia Moral
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): None
Info: Selwyn is fascinated by Roland's wings. Also, this story is set at a projected time when all the characters listed above are traveling together; this arrangement might not actually come about, although it is most likely true that Matthew and Chester will be separated from the others.

Nightmare Wings. )
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Another prompt story! Oh, and these Greatheart stories can be read in any order, in case anyone is curious.

Change alert! Lysander used to be male, but now is one of the genderless or "nix" Aetherians. I figured that since I had such a sex in the story, I should make a relatively important character belonging to it. Of course, most non-Aetherians don't know about nixes, and Aetherians tend to be androgynous in general, it is possible that one of the other Aetherian characters (like Good or Carillon) is nix as well.

Uh, so basically I wanted to give myself pronoun nightmares. Since nixes are of NO sex and have no sexual characteristics, I use "it", but that's not because I think people of alternate sex and/or gender are not people or something, I just think it fits in this imaginary instance. Nixes are considered equal to males and females among the Aetherians. The Aetherians live such a long time and have such low birth rates, they decided that not everyone needed their own sexual characteristics. (They can do things like that.)

You can read more about Lysander here and here. Only Lysander's sex has changed, really.

I hope there aren't any typos. Damn you, pronouns!

Title: The Shape of Sorrow
Universe: Greatheart
Word count: 1400
Prompt: "founded neither on reason nor divine revelation"
Character(s): Lysander Sorrow
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): None
Info: Lysander was born to fulfill a very important role in the High King's court.

The Shape of Sorrow. )
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Another Greatheart prompt short story! These are rather enjoyable to write. I love working with prompts. Anything in these short stories might later be contradicted as I could change my mind about things. However, they're mostly accurate as far as my concept of the story stands now, unless I state otherwise.

Hmm, but I guess they're a bit apocryphal, which is always fun!

Oh yes, and this is Helen's first written appearance, but you don't learn much about her here. Probably because I'm still figuring some things out about her character. I'll have to write another story which develops her and her friendship with Margot more.

Title: The Queen's Birthday
Universe: Greatheart
Word count: 2500
Prompt: "a noise in the schools"
Character(s): Margot Amaranth (Margot POV), Lawrence Timely, Helen Wild, Louis Amaranth
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): Self-injury
Info: They used to celebrate the Queen's birthday, but no longer.

The Queen's Birthday. )
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It's kind of weird how the AFix dream scenes hint a little at things I was to write later in The Reddest Flower.

Also, sometimes I change things in these chapters that necessitate going back and altering details in previous edited chapters, which was the case with Mal's accent in this chapter.

Chapter Twelve: Morning After. )
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Hey, [ profile] alexds1 was doing this, so um, I'm a copycat! I couldn't figure out how to make the little icons work, though, so I just made lists. Character personality tests! I don't think this could be of interest to anyone else.

Wind & Foxes personality types:

Reian is a Laid-back Doer.

Nelius is an Independent Thinker.

Imbri is an Energetic Doer.

Pasha is a Spontaneous Idealist.

Neri is a Social Realist.

Kai is a Good-natured Realist.

Khelaj is a Groundbreaking Thinker.

Ana is an Individualistic Doer.

Maral is an Analytic Thinker.

Aww, then I sat around thinking about them lovingly for several minutes (even Maral). Now, back to work!
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Yes, I wrote an essay on the gender, sexuality, and marriage of the Kelisavian people. It is really very generalized, since Kelisavian society is heterogeneous and customs do vary from tribe to tribe.

This actually has VERY LITTLE to do with the actual story, so I can't really put it in the novel, because it would be distracting and also serve no purpose. But it was stuff I thought up, so I wanted to write about it!

Okay, the stuff about the gods and royal bloodlines does have to do with the story, but that's about it.

Also, if you read this, I will have no choice but to assume that you love me, because it is an essay about a fake society. And who would willingly read that?!

Oh, also, Kivran hasn't shown up in the story yet, BUT HE WILL SOON.

Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage. )

W&F talk

Jun. 21st, 2008 02:55 pm
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I've edited about half of the extant chapters of the novel (prologue through chapter 6). Now I'm at the second Nelius part, and I suddenly realize that I need to write another Nelius chapter. Not just because I like writing Nelius chapters! I swear! It's a chapter I was going to write later anyway, but I suddenly realized I should really put it after chapter 9, since it is set immediately after events in that chapter. I think I was worried about making the Nelius part last too long, but it keeps taking on more and more importance in the narrative, so I am not going to fight it!

I've had people say to me before that editing/revising is not creative, but clearly those people have never revised a novel before.

New Chapter Order. )

Ha ha, and I'm sure there is limited interest in this, but I thought I'd try to identify some of the predominant themes in Wind & Foxes, for my own amusement. (Why yes, I am taking a break from editing, why do you ask?)

Some themes. )
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I am writing up this character info for an art trade, but anyone is welcome to read. WARNING: spoilers! Although no major plot spoilers or anything. This info is subject to change, although probably not very much. Also, I got lazy, so there's a bit less info about Imbri.

Reian. )

Imbri. )

Links to reference pictures. )
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I write stories for publication, so it's necessary that I limit who has acccess to my work. In addition to my writing, I also post illustrations here. If you're interested in friending this journal, please leave me a note and introduce yourself. My public journal is [ profile] foxysquid.
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But Chauncy only loves money. And himself.

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Yes, I know I draw cruddy pictures of my characters... THEM'S THE BREAKS!

Thanks to everyone who left comments about Nickels and Ian being cute friends! Awww. You get a cutesy picture.

Everyone else gets Tira/Adrian incest naughtiness. Not hardcore, but not quite worksafe. )
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Just some Perfect Accountant art I've done recently, posted here for fun.

School chums:

That drawing is slightly spoilery, but it was the only one small enough to put before the cut--consider it a preview of the next installment. I've done an even more spoilery drawing for the novel, but I won't post that anywhere. I also have a drawing of Adrian and Tira, but I'd like to ink it before posting it.

Click to see Frieda, Frieda's gun, Ian, and Mr. Bubbles--in glorious black & white! )

Also, many, many thanks to [ profile] armistice_day, who made me a Perfect Accountant soundtrack! Here's the track list, for those who are interested (it features all the songs mentioned in the story!):
Ye Olde Perfect Accountant Mix. )

Yay! Thanks again, Jenn! Oh, I do love to work to specially-made soundtracks. Now I can't wait to write more!
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Liz did something not long ago with a story challenge/story starters. Anyway, I've always thought such things were great fun, and I wondered if anyone would like to donate a story starter for me, because I'd like to write a few stories of 2,000 words or less, and I thought it would be nice to have people throw out random ideas or phrases for them. So if anyone is interested, please contribute! Comment here. You can give me a first sentence, a word, a phrase or just something (a noun; a subject and a verb) to write a story about.

And, as I'm all about sharing and sharing alike, I guess I will give story starters (or poem starters, who am I to say?) of my own for your possible usage. (Maybe I'll use them myself too...)

Sentence: "The stars were rushing towards them."

Word: "Bitterly."

Noun/verb idea: A radio plays something unexpected.

Use as you see fit, or don't use at all!

Arty Post.

Jun. 14th, 2005 12:17 pm
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Just some quick (and somewhat messy) pencil sketches of the characters from the last short story I posted here, "Meteor Shower".

(Nicky: originally posted in my primary journal.)

Click for the rest. )


Oct. 11th, 2004 09:15 pm
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For my own benefit. My characters. A companion piece to my collaborator's list, found here, where the rest of the characters can be found.

Various Ladies & Gentlemen of the Regency )