Jan. 11th, 2010

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Another prompt story! Oh, and these Greatheart stories can be read in any order, in case anyone is curious.

Change alert! Lysander used to be male, but now is one of the genderless or "nix" Aetherians. I figured that since I had such a sex in the story, I should make a relatively important character belonging to it. Of course, most non-Aetherians don't know about nixes, and Aetherians tend to be androgynous in general, it is possible that one of the other Aetherian characters (like Good or Carillon) is nix as well.

Uh, so basically I wanted to give myself pronoun nightmares. Since nixes are of NO sex and have no sexual characteristics, I use "it", but that's not because I think people of alternate sex and/or gender are not people or something, I just think it fits in this imaginary instance. Nixes are considered equal to males and females among the Aetherians. The Aetherians live such a long time and have such low birth rates, they decided that not everyone needed their own sexual characteristics. (They can do things like that.)

You can read more about Lysander here and here. Only Lysander's sex has changed, really.

I hope there aren't any typos. Damn you, pronouns!

Title: The Shape of Sorrow
Universe: Greatheart
Word count: 1400
Prompt: "founded neither on reason nor divine revelation"
Character(s): Lysander Sorrow
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): None
Info: Lysander was born to fulfill a very important role in the High King's court.

The Shape of Sorrow. )


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