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More mini-stories, continued from this post!

Same rules as before:
1. Write exactly one page in word processing document (to the line).
2. Write the first thing (that works) that pops into your head.
3. Don't think too hard!
3a. Don't edit, over-editor.

Title: Whisper (suggested by [ profile] redvelvetaddict)
Universe: Goldenhour
Character: Ileana, aka. Lily

It's wrong to leave your home. )

Title: Goodbye (suggested by [ profile] boredgods)
Universe: Goldenhour
Character: Nora, Bertrand, Bevan, Bernard

What was it that brought them together? )
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I really needed to do a writing focus exercise, so I thought I would set myself the task of writing very small stories of no more than one page in my word processing document, using prompts from an old post in this journal in which I asked you kind readers for prompts.

I wrote two of them today. I didn't allow myself to be too critical, which is always my downfall, and I just wrote about the first subject that came to mind when I considered the prompt. I also didn't edit, since these are just exercises.

Title: Catfish (prompt suggested by [ profile] chypie)
Universe: Goldenhour
Character: Bernard (mentions of Bevan)

He leans into the water, immersing his head. )

Title: Neck (prompt suggested by [ profile] luckykitty)
Universe: Goldenhour
Character: Chester

Was it a dream that woke him? )


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